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Weed biology
Agro-region: Denmark

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Mature plant
Spikelets egg-shaped, 4-5-flowered. Leaf blade usually 5-10 mm wide. The teeth of the closed sheath have short cilia. Open, branched panicle.

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Names in different languages

Danish : Svingel, strand
German : Rohrschwingel
English : Tall Fescue
Latin : Festuca arundinacea
Norwegian : Strandsvingel
Swedish : R√∂rsvingel

Festuca arundinacea: Very early stage
Very early stage
Festuca arundinacea: Early stage
Early stage
Festuca arundinacea: Leaf sheath
Leaf sheath
Festuca arundinacea: Leaf section
Leaf section
Festuca arundinacea: Spikelets
Festuca arundinacea: Mature plant
Mature plant

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