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Weed biology
Agro-region: Denmark

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Can be mistaken for

Plantago major, which has hairy true leaves.


Oblong to lancet-shaped with entire leaf margins. Stalked. Smooth surface. Length approx. 8-12 mm.

True leaves
Egg-shaped. The first true leaf has an entire leaf margin. Succeeding leaves have sinuate to curly leaf margins. Smooth surface. Length approx. 15-22 mm. The first true leaves that are germinated from pieces of roots are lancet-shaped with slightly curly leaf margins.

Mature plant
Curled dock is a vigorous plant with a 40-100 cm high, red, erect stem. It is especially known by the curly leaves, which have given the plant its name. Seed production: Up to approx. 4,000 seeds per plant.

Triangular with seam-shaped edges. Triangular cross section. Smooth surface. Thousand grain weight approx. 1.4 g.


Propagation and dispersal
Through seeds and pieces of roots.



The species is frequently found in perennial crops, for example meadows, throughout Denmark and in reduced-tillage fields. Seedlings of curled dock have no particular influence on yield. However, plants that are germinated from pieces of roots are injurious and also cause losses. The plant is a problem in a large number of seed crops because it is difficult to separate the seeds.

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Names in different languages

Danish : Skræppe, kruset
German : Krauser Ampfer
English : Curled Dock
Latin : Rumex crispus L.
Norwegian : Krushøymole
Swedish : Krusskräppa

Rumex crispus L.: Seedling
Rumex crispus L.: Early stage
Early stage
Rumex crispus L.: Vegetatively reproduced
Vegetatively reproduced
Rumex crispus L.: undefined
Rumex crispus L.: undefined
Rumex crispus L.: Seeds

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