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Weed biology
Agro-region: Denmark

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Can be mistaken for

Plantago major, which has shorter dicotyledon leaves.
Senecio vulgaris L., which has true leaves with jagged edges.


Lancet-shaped with entire leaf margins. Stalked. Smooth surface. Length approx. 5-10 mm.

True leaves
Oval to broad egg-shaped with slightly sinuate to serrate leaf margins. Stalked. The surface is sparsely hairy. Length approx. 12-18 mm. The first leaves on plants, germinated from subterranean bolters, are kidney- to heart-shaped with sinuate to serrate leaf margins. The underside is whitely tomentose.

Mature plant
Coltsfoot propagates through both seeds and subterranean bolters. During the first year seed plants develop a leaf rosette, which will form subterranean bolters during the summer. Early next spring the subterranean part of the leaf rosette sends up peduncles above the ground, and after flowering the first true leaves begin to grow from the bolters. In most cases the true leaves form a leaf rosette during the summer. The perennial stage of the species can go on for a number of years as the subterranean bolters are continuously renewed. The diameter of the flower head is approx. 20 mm. Seed production: Up to approx. 400 seeds per flower.

Oblong, somewhat bent, with circular cross section. A collar-shaped top is seen at one end. The surface is longitudinally furrowed. Thousand grain weight approx. 0.3 g.


Propagation and dispersal
Through seeds and subterranean bolters.



Coltsfoot is frequently found in meadows and in reduced-tillage fields. The species is found throughout Denmark. Only the vegetative stage of the plant is of influence as a weed.

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Names in different languages

Danish : Følfod
German : Huflattich
English : Coltsfoot
Latin : Tussilago farfara L.
Norwegian : Hestehov
Swedish : Hästhov

Tussilago farfara L.: Seedling
Tussilago farfara L.: Early stage
Early stage
Tussilago farfara L.: Leaf rosette with new offshoots
Leaf rosette with new offshoots
Tussilago farfara L.: Flower
Tussilago farfara L.: Mature plant
Mature plant
Tussilago farfara L.: Seeds

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