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Weed biology
Agro-region: Denmark

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Can be mistaken for

Capsella bursa-pastoris, which has larger and more oval dicotyledon leaves.


Almost round with entire leaf margins. Stalked. Smooth surface. Length approx. 2 mm.

True leaves
The first true leaves are oval with entire leaf margins and stalked. Later, the leaves become more oblong, almost egg-shaped with slightly sinuate leaf margins. The surface on both types of leaves seems rough and is covered with star-shaped hairs. Length approx. 2-4 mm.

Mature plant
Thale Cress is a small plant with 10-25 cm high, erect stems. All leaves are arranged in rosettes. The siliques are line-shaped and spreading from the stem. The diameter of the flower is approx. 3 mm.

Egg-shaped with a comb-like rise at the side. Thousand grain weight is very low.


Propagation and dispersal
Only through seeds.

Winter annual.


The species is frequently found in autumn-sown crops, especially on sandy soils. Thale Cress is usually of no significance as a weed.

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Names in different languages

Danish : GĂ„semad
German : Ackerschmalwand
English : Thale Cress
Latin : Arabidopsis thaliana
Norwegian : VĂ„rskrinneblom
Swedish : Backtrav

Arabidopsis thaliana: Seedling
Arabidopsis thaliana: Early stage
Early stage
Arabidopsis thaliana: Flower
Arabidopsis thaliana: Mature plant
Mature plant
Arabidopsis thaliana: Seeds

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