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Weed biology
Agro-region: Denmark

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Can be mistaken for

Hemp-nettle, which has somewhat larger dicotyledon leaves and true leaves.


Oval to almost circular with entire leaf margins. A round incision is found at the transition from the cotyledon to the cotyledon stalk. Stalked. Smooth surface. Length approx. 5-6 mm.

True leaves
Heart-shaped with round-toothed leaf margins. Stalked. Hairy surface. Length approx. 10 mm.

Mature plant
As a weed dead-Nettle occurs primarily as two species: red dead-Nettle, where the upper leaves are stalked, and Henbit Dead-nettle, where the upper leaves are unstalked. Both species are relatively small plants with 15-35 cm high, erect, square stems. Length of flower (both species) approx. 10-15 mm. Seed production: Up to approx. 200 seeds per plant.

Seed (both species)
Inverted Beetle-shaped. Dorsal side domed. Ventral side roof-shaped with 2 slightly convex sides and a smaller, triangular top side. Three-sided cross section. Granular, shiny surface. Thousand grain weight: red Dead-nettle approx. 0.9 g and Henbit Dead-nettle approx. 0.6 g.


Propagation and dispersal
Only through seeds.

Summer and winter annual.


Dead-Nettle is frequently found in both autumn- and spring-sown crops throughout Denmark. Dense, overwintering populations can be a hindrance to the early development and tillering of winter crops. In addition, the species can easily both be troublesome and cause losses in open crops.

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Names in different languages

Danish : Tvetand
German : Taubnessel
English : Dead-nettle
Latin : Lamium spp.
Norwegian : Tvitann
Swedish : Plister

Dead-nettle: Seedling
Dead-nettle: Early stage
Early stage
Dead-nettle: Flower <br><i>(Lamium purpureum)</i>
(Lamium purpureum)
Dead-nettle: Mature plant <br><i>(Lamium purpureum)</i>
Mature plant
(Lamium purpureum)
Dead-nettle: Seeds

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