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Growth stage Description Illustration
00 Pre sowing   
03 Pre emergence   
10 1st leaf starting to enfold  
11 1st leaf enfolded, 2nd leaf starting to enfold   
12 2nd leaf enfolded  
13 3rd leaf enfolded   
21 1st side shoot visible  
22 2nd side shoot visible   
23 3rd side shoot visible   
24 4th side shoot visible   
26 6th side shoot visible (shooting ending)   
29 Shooting ended. Side shoots rising up.   
30 Beginning elongaging of main tiller   
31 1st internode just above ground  
32 2nd internode detectable   
33 3rd internode detectable   
34 4th interneode detectable   
37 Flag leaf visible, still rolled   
39 Flag leaf fully developed   
41 Flag leaf sheath elonging   
43 Flag leaf sheath swelling  
47 Flag leaf sheath opening   
49 1st awn visible   
51 Beginning earing  
53 Ear passed quarterly   
55 Ear passed half   
59 Ear fully passed   
61 Flowering started   
65 Flowering half-way   
69 Flowering ended   
71 Kernel content waterish   
75 Kerne content milky   
85 Kernel content soft but dry   
87 Kernel content doghy   
89 Kernels hard and difficult to break   
93 Kernels loosening from ear   
99 Stubbel   
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